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-A phrase generally spoken from one individual to another when seeking possession of the other's fecal matter. Once the feces are under the speaker's possession it is not specified in which way the feces will be used, but it is usually used for sexual gratification.

-Also spoken by a so-called Ass Man or Woman during excitement in advance of experiencing the buttocks of another person.
-Justen shouts "Gimme the poop!" out his open driver's side window as he drives past a bus stop lineup consisting of female jazz dancers.

-The energetic colon specialist uttered "I can't wait to watch you gimme the poop." to his patient as they prepared for a colonic irrigation procedure.

-Davie, drunk with lust and uncountable beers, shouts "Gimme the poop!" during a loud house party. His close friend BJ Goroto feels somewhat awkward because of Davie's announcement.
by Warren Crafts August 12, 2007
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