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A person who was originally "ghetto" or "gangsta" who somehow caught onto the scene trend, immediately killing it and ruining it for the cool people. Usually buys EVERYTHING from hottopic, colorina and delia's, has no originality, does whatever everyone is doing, wears weird neon glasses with no glass or normal glasses, sports bandanas around their neck, owns skinny jeans in every color of the rainbow, claim they're "nerds" or are "crazy". Boys typically wear bright colored skinny jeans halfway on their ass and blinder glasses with brightass nikes;thinks scene still passes for vintage on retro day at their school;simply a total poser.
Many scientists argue that if such behavoir continues, a new revolution will insue. It is recommended by Audray Kitching that they should return back to their baggy pants and repetitive rap music that sucks before they're bombed.
Cool person 1:Those fucking ghetto sceneabes bought pink skinny jeans!
Cool person 2:Everyone owns at least a pair....those fuckers stole the trend and tortured it to death.
Ghetto Sceneabe:You girls ain't got dis style, i'm such a lil nerd. Check out these smexii kicks, yo.
Cool people:fuckkkk youuuu
by Dr.Schondenbelt May 31, 2008
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