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The part of Potomac where houses may sell for a million dollars but they aren't mansions. The part of Potomac where not all houses have at least 3 car garages. The part of Potomac that includes Beverly Farms Elementary. The part of Potomac where there are no rich-ass jappy bitches and preppy jocks. The chill part of Potomac.
Potomac Girl: O-M-G. I just crashed my brand new BMW Z3 convertable.
Ghetto Potomac Girl: Oh, I'm sorry, can I give you a ride home in my used station wagon?
PG: Does it have a rockin stereo system and leather seat warmers?
GPG: Uh, no, sorry.
PG: Well, I don't think that my 24-hour security personel would even let a car like that near my gated neighborhood.
by BeverlyFarmers September 11, 2005
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