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An number of line dances usually done at parties, weddings, family reunions, etc. Not necessarily relegated to the ghetto, trailer parks or barn dances; these dances are generally performed by persons of all races and social standings at various get togethers.

For Example:
- Cincinnati Stomp
- Electric Slide
- Cha Cha Slide
- Cupid Shuffle
- Achy Breaky
- Boot Scoot Boogie

Not to exclude other certain dances which may be danced as line dances but also have partner-style or solo variations

- The Hustle
- Love Slide
- Crip Walk
1. "Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Criss Cross. Everybody clap your hands. I know the Ghetto Hokey Pokey when I see it."
- Cedric the Entertainer, Kings of Comedy

2. Khaki Country
Gap Ad to song "Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

3. Doing the C-walk is gone get y'all beat down.

4. Did you see them doing that old school dance The Hustle in "Saturday Night Fever"? John Travolta was the man.
by CristalShandaLear January 21, 2008
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