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The curvature in a male humans penis caused naturally or by frequent jerking motions to one side or up or down. The cells on one side of the penis break down or stretch whilst the opposite side of the penis's cells contract forming a curvature similar to that of a banana.
Jared: So I met this guy named Tom at the gym the other day and was tryna get into his pants all week. Finally, I got the courage to ask him to dinner just as buds but, things got heated and right before I started sucking his dick I realized that I couldn't suck it because it was too curved over to the right. It was massive and I know I couldn't take it but I did my best anyways. It was like a giant, 9 inch, mutated banana.

Ben: Dude, I can't believe you took a 9 inch German Curve! That's hella hot!

Jared: I know! But don't even ask about how it got up my ass!
by Dandylion1504 January 04, 2014
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