action verb, copular verb, noun

action verb: to burn the feeble, unworthy eyes of others with the brilliance and fire of ten thousand pairs of gold pants; to confound and bedazzle with beats, gems, and jams so thoroughly as to render all those within sight utterly enthralled, terrified, ensorcelled, and otherwise enslaved to hard'n'funky rhythms of gems glimmering and jams jlimmering.

copular verb: to shine and shimmer as one of the sequined babies; to exist in a state of pure mystical spandex-and-rhinestone technobeat enlightenment; to experience the Divine Revelation of Mother Gem.

noun: the only true glory of the universe.
action verb:

I gem sweatered until their faces melted off. SHAZAM!

copular verb:

He gem sweaters vermilion, chartreuse, and magenta all over the place, filling our minds with passions.


Glory be to the Mother and to the Jams and to the Gem Sweater, as it was in the Bedazzler, is Now, and ever shall be, Beats without End. Amvets.
by SumeragiSlut September 20, 2007
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