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Basically, a very bashful homosexual who shies away from others around them. People think these type of people are gay because he's not like the rest, but it's only because they keep to themselves a lot. They wish for a boyfriend, yet is too insecure and shy. They're very creative and love classical music on a personal level, and have a knack for the arts. They are bundles of creativity and have many great ideas, yet are too shy to express these ideas.
He's a really sweet guy, he told me wants to be a fashion designer! His boyfriend will be one lucky guy!
I heard him singing in the locker room, he may be a gay wallflower, but he's too damn talented.
Guys, you know that wallflower in our AP Language class? I found his journal! His poems and stories are so beautiful!
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by Yuguni Anymea June 10, 2017
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