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That "5 o'clock shadow from 2 days ago" look, where it's long enough to realize that their face isn't simply dirty, but long enough to do damage to any skin that comes into contact with it. Gay stubble is most dangerous in a meet-n'greet in large groups when cheek kisses may occur in copious quantities, especially one after another. During such times, air kisses may be advised to avoid abrasion resulting in the need for medical attention, or the need to say "ouch, that's sharp" at the very least.

Gay stubble is a fashion staple, almost as important as the untucked, button-down, short sleeved waist-shirt.
So I was playing gay softball the other day, and during the post-game congrats, I encountered so much gay stubble that I may have to put some ointment on my cheeks.
by wallfire May 08, 2017
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