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rap that glorifies, or at least frequently refers to or discusses, the gangster life (whatever that may be. i have no interest in finding out first-hand what that means.) personally, i despise it and i find it to be the source of many problems in today's society. half these rappers aren't even good role-models. i'm sorry 50 cent, but when you get shot that many times, maybe there's a reason and maybe you should stop what you are doing and re-examine your principles.
seems to fairly popular at large social events (prom, homecoming, whatever) because it is 'easy to dance to.' uhh, last time i checked, having sex through your clothing wasn't called dancing. sorry dudes. get a room for that stuff.
apparently if you don't like gangsta rap, then you are considered strange/weird/a freak/rude. uhh. what?
a lot of it seems to be about the same stuff. sex, violence, women being referred to as "bitches" and "hos." let's not forget the 'music' videos are really just a bunch of scantily-clad women gyrating in front of the camera while the rapper makes odd hand signs and wears lots of gold (that might not actually be real even) and baggy clothing. often includes excessive profanity and "pimped out" cars/houses/rubber duckies/donuts/whatever.
i can't understand most of the words because (A) it's mostly ghetto slang that i don't understand, (B) it goes way too fast, or (C) the amount of profanity has made me not want to pay attention to the rest of the material.

i really have no idea if there's an underground 'scene' for this stuff, but to be honest, i'm not very interested in finding out at the moment.
my friend: you don't listen to gansta rap?
me: nope. i prefer indie rock and emo music, but if you want to listen to gangster rap, then i can't tell you not to.
my friend: omg you're so weird, what's wrong with you? should i turn the radio in my own car off?
me: no, it's your car, you can play whatever you want in it. there's nothing wrong with me, i just don't like it.
my friend: you're so weird.. you don't like rap? that's so weird....

lyrics that i once heard (i might have the word order slightly wrong; the car was speeding by): "give me back my gun and i'll give you back your life."

an excessive amount of mainstream gangsta rap contains way too much profanity for my tastes.
by everyothernameitrieddoesntwork November 18, 2007
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