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Half gangster, half emo. Enjoys listening to gangster and emo music weres baggy jeans and black hoodies with the hood covering half of his face, very sexy and charming, got black hair and a pink earing and wears allstars with jeans and a hoody, and is hung like a horse in most occasions. Attracted to emo girls ghetto girlz and is very fun to be around especially when drunk. Can be seen with groups of emo's or groups of gangsters bt never with both together. Always up for a laugh bt can be quite serious when around his gangster peers. Friends with people who do robberies and traffic drugs and weapons but never gets himself involved with them. Very nive person to know but a can be very scary if you are enemies bcoz they tend to know people in high places. They are not feminine becoz of the gangster part of them bt they are very emotional because of the emo part bt can also hide there emotions from ppl. They will only open up there emotions to your if they consider you a tru friend. If they dont consider you a tru frend they will still be kool with you bt they wont cry with you. They do not cry in public places (gangster). Once you have befriended a gangstemo it is very hard to become enemies bcoz they are soooooo sooooooo kool!!
:( i need a gangstemo boy to sit down and cry with me....and then kill da motherfuker hu broke my heart:D
by ant-man January 11, 2006
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