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The act of where a male cumshot has landed, and has been ejaculated with such a power and strength that it's as if Gandalf himself has gifted it with his aid from the flames of the mountain of Erebor. There are few with this power, and those that do are often in hiding because they do not wish to destroy the world with such a force, or allow it to fall into the wrong hands. A Gandalf Cumshot is easily identifiable if the female is wearing makeup, because the cumshot should have hit it with so much force that the makeup is no more. Side effects may contain the female being dead/partially wounded as a result. Beware.
Guy 1 "Did you see the twin towers yesterday?" Guy 2- "Yeah, I heard Osama Bin Laden did a Gandalf Cumshot"

guy1- did you see Kim last night? guy2- yeah, she looked so bad she had taken a gandalf cumshot
by danceonmybelly August 11, 2014
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