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A nerd's nerd; a man who takes his nerd-hood to the next level and beyond the pale of mainstream nerd stigma and stereotype. He is often the result of his need to retain his nerd-identity even amidst and within an all-nerd environment. Because of the high degree of intensity and the elite status one must exibit, there can be no gamma nerd under the age of 18. They must be an adult. They can often be known by their lighning-fast and razor-sharp come-backs and put-downs, especially toward lesser nerds. Due to the high-level obscurity of their interests and esoteric nature of their jokes and allusions, the gamma nerd can never be an object of popular culture or even known to the mainstream like the regular nerd because the layman would be unable to make head nor tail of the gamma nerd. Unless you attend an engineering school and move within the proper circles, chances are that you will live and die without ever having seen one.
Reuben: yo man, i was creeping around the basement of the engineering building on campus at 3am and i opened this door and BAM! there's like 10 guys in there dancing to medival chamber music that they programmed on unix to run on an original nintendo cartridge and some of them were dressed like cartoon characters!
Roger: Gamma nerds!
by kyle k coleman November 24, 2006
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