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(n) the sad, but true logic of a majority of gamers, usually ones that are known to commonly rage quit: if better than someone, opponent is a noob; if worse than someone, opponent "has no life;" if everyone is doing better, gamer blames lag.
First Match: *owns someone*
Typical Gamer: You suck noob! Return the game you scrub!

Second Match: *gets owned by another*
Typical Gamer: You are fat kid! Keep living in your mother's basement you no life!

Match Three: *owned by everyone*
Typical Gamer: Fuck this game! Fucking lag! All you kids suck! Just wait for my lag to be gone and I'll wreck all you scrubs!

Random that was in all three matches: This idiot's gamer logic is hilarious. He is so mad! *laughing*
by Buzzard Smoke December 20, 2014
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