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A gamer fight is an argument between two gamers who are good friends with each other. The arguments are usually over one's way of thoughts towards things such as skill in a video game, one's fairness in a video game, or how someone acts in a video game. A general gamer fight has no victor, as they always end in a truce because the two people are good friends, and the topic is usually just as logical as a frozen fucking campfire. The fight can often occur in cross platforms such as Steam and Xbox Live, because one may leave a party, or be kicked, but the firebrand attitude of each warrior causes them to continue their fight on a different platform, until the inevitable end; and thus truth. Two good gamer fighters have these battles every two days or so; as it often only strengthens a friendship in the end. (Often abbreviated as simply "g fight" on the internet.)
John: Dude, you're such a fag.

Nick: What makes me a fag?

John: You're a faggot.

Nick: That's no answer.

John: This is such a trash-ass gamer fight.

Nick: True, let's end this shit.

John: Truce.

Nick: Truce.
by TrueGamerWoo January 19, 2014
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