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A Gabe Nelson has redefined the fields of annoyance and wordsmithery. They are known to giggle at the sight of an obese feline perched atop a wooden post, as well as to dance erratically and compulsively take bites of passersby, being a fatty boombatty.

Gabe Nelsons are known for inspiring fan clubs and techno remixes (Gabe Nelson... jump on it) among swooning pedestrians in the Transvaal and Luxembourg.

If a Gabe Nelson were ever cornered in a dark alley behind some sort of imminent-doom-store, (doom on sale two for one dollar) he could be discerned from all typical oddballs by his propensity for large words and habit of referring to himself in the third person.
Look at the size of that Gabe Nelson! It's so pretentious and delectable that it might stun all the ladyfolk!
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