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A common species of fangirl, often from North America or Canada.

This breed of fangirl will generally worship the Naruto character Gaara, to the point of rabid obsession. (Ex. Having posters, plushies, pictures, action figures, videos, fanarts, fanfictions, T-shirts, ect. with Gaara)

Also may think they 'own' this fictional 2D character, or are with or married to him. Overall, very dangerous. Approach with caution.
Normal Person: Isn't Gaara cool?

Gaara Fangirl #1: -gasp- HOW DARE YOU, YOU WHORE?! HE'S MY SMEXILICIOUS 2D CHARACTER!! -foams at the mouth-

Normal Person: O_o -backs away slowly-
by LonelyNeko13 January 18, 2008
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