Your typing and your going to fast and misspell game with ga,e
Hey join me in this ga,e.
by stoplookingkeepreading April 10, 2020
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Korean slang.There is NO exact English definition/translation, but it is close to things like obsessed, devoted, or love.
I guess that’s what it somewhat means, although of course the word has a totally different feel to it (nerdy vs street slang haha) . You can basically see “Bbuk-E-Ga-Yo” as falling for something, going crazy for something. It’s not used in terms of romantic love, but more as in when something is SOO awesome, that u can’t help so deep into it and just kinda.. falling into it totally and absolutely.
You are so Bbuk-e-ga-yo with Seungri oppa, aren't you?
by UlzzangKitty December 8, 2010
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