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Pronounced "wor-key-ya"
Sometimes spelled "huerquilla"

It is a spanish slang word commonly used by Mexicans. It means little girl and is a similar slang to the english word "rascal". It is NOT a term of endearment and would only be appropriate to use for someone that you know well. Since gender is used in the spanish language, it is important to note the following:

Güerquilla = little girl
Güerca = girl
Güerquillo = little boy
Güerco = boy

Güerquillas = more than one little girl
Güercas = more than one girl
Güerquillos = more than one little boy OR a group of little boys & little girls
Güercos = more than one boy OR a group of boys & girls
La "güerquilla" está jugando con sus jugetes.
The "little rascal girl" is playing with her toys
by SR-G-M June 08, 2018
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