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A word made up by Sydney-Assyrian youth's found in the South-West regions such as Wetherill Park,Greenfield Park, Wakely, Edensor Park, Cecil Hills, etc. It is a slang for the word gay cunt, simplifying it to "g cunt".
*guy walks past wearing tight or fluoro clothes like a homosexual or looking like an emo*

Assyrians: Ha era zee owa!!! watta G CUNT!
You wanna go hit him?
Yalla cuz
by AturayaWitDatFire October 13, 2008
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derogatory term
said with aggresion
emphasis on the "g" sound
c is silent
pronounced as "gunt"
the reason for the g is that the letter c takes a urΓΊ(in the irish language), and the urΓΊ for c is g, hence making the word gcunt from the standard: cunt
you fucking gcunt!
that guy is a stupid gcunt
gcunt! i hit my knee off the table
by d. best 69 February 01, 2008
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