Usually referring to a style of breakbeat music that comes out of Florida. A lot come from Central Florida and the Miami area. These songs contain deep, Miami style bass, some tight vocal stabs, various samples and nonstop highhats. Funky Breaks are generally around 120-125BPM and usually get a club pretty hype. All in all, a dope music style that will make ya wanna clock ya head up-n-down or break out the linoleum and headspin nonstop. Example artists include: DJ Fixx, Sharaz, Baby Anne, DJ Icey, Funk Lab, Malicious Mike, Huda Hudia, PillForm, Momentum, Tony Faline, Eclipse and Rick West.
"Yo, Fixx spins da mad, funky breaks!"
by BeatPhreek September 14, 2005
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