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Strength that one can use to control their body in a useful way. They can navigate their surroundings to overcome obstacles. For example, they can climb things, hold onto things, and traverse things.
Griff: "Look, that guy can't climb the rock to get himself out of the ocean, but that girl did it easily"
Kevin: "That's strange because he's jacked"
Ryan: "He might be jacked, but he has less functional strength than that petite girl"
by BrysonStrong July 18, 2021
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Girls that claim they go to the gym because they do Pilates classes and spin. Great for cardio but unable to lift their own body weight. Most girls lack. Will likely get them killed if they encounter a natural disaster. No way of holding on to something, or pulling themselves to safety. Likely to get a man with good functional strength killed by trying to aid the damsel in distress.
I broke my back trying to save that bird from the Tsunami! I thought she said she went to the gym 5 days a week! She’s got no functional strength!
by Uncle-ted December 21, 2017
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