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a bitch who has scene hair and racoon eyes, this species of reptilian is often observed with that beau of hers, chicken legs, and is usually of the underclassman sort. also often mistaken for gremlims, trolls, and/or whores due to the lack of maturity and class, as well as the hideous appearence of this (thankfully) rare breed of animal.

behaviors include:
-table dancing at school
-making out with random (ugly) seniors in the hall way
-trying to be 'hip', 'scene', 'hot', 'cute' (basically attractive in any way) but not succeeding
-fucking up their hair
-putting make-up on one's boyfriend
-cutting themselves
-being bisexual because it's the 'in' thing
-being a complete bitch

Fugly Cunt bumps into an innocent bystander.
Innocent Bystander: "Good god, Halloween was yesterday! What a fugly cunt!"
by kkck March 25, 2008
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