one who is the biggest douche bag of them all and drops the worst commets at all the wrong times (See: FUDGEFUCK)
Man1: man did you see that play that everyone was screaming about while i was at the bathroom!

FudgePacker: oh no man i missed it

Man1: well what the hell were you doing?

FudgePacker: well there was a pretty butterfly that was resting on the window and couldnt help but adore it

Man1: case rested FudgePacker!
by A-Wal January 17, 2007
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(noun) Someone who is has a body fat content considerably above average. It complements the phrase "chewin toffee" which describes a fat person's buttocks as he/she walks. Usually a female as they tend to have more fat on their buttocks.
Check that fudge packer, her arse is chewin toffee.
by cherylswrong February 07, 2011
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