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Similar in meaning to 'what the fuck,' but the placement of 'fuck' at the beginning of the phrase shifts the emphasis for comical effect. Origin: A Sports Illustrated baseball article, written on 16 July 2007, used the phrase '#$!&@* the heck?' (presumably an editing error). Ken Tremendous of the blog Fire Joe Morgan noticed the odd phrase and popularized it.
Ignoring the sheer inanity of this back-and-forth, the phrase "On the DL" or "On the downlow" is sometimes used in the African-American community to describe men who are married and live outwardly heterosexual lives, but also secretly go to gay clubs and have affairs with men. I'm sure this is not what Biel or Scott intended to imply, but still, I can imagine D-Wade watching this and saying, "Fuck the heck?!" (Ken Tremendous, 2007.)
by Ortonsault January 10, 2008
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