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1. Regarded as the purest form of sexual partner. A fuck droid is only meant for one thing, and that is sex. No bullshitting, no stupid talking after sex or pillow talk, not even a lunch, dinner or a movie, no remorse; every single drop of energy is invested in sex. A fuck droid does not need to think, it is only meant for all forms of sexual activities.

2. An extreme form of fuck buddy in which no intellect is spent.

3. A man's dream not realizable yet with current technology.
1. She is my fuck droid, she is brainless.

2. She is more than my fuck buddy, she is my fuck droid.

3. Fuck droids have been featured in science fiction movies. The most acclaimed fuck droids have been:
- Pamela Gidley in Cherry 2000
- The Fembots in Austin Powers: International Man of Mistery
- Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged me
- The droid wifes in The Stepford Wives
by ontosomething February 06, 2008
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