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When passing around a bottle and somebody chugs the whole damn thing!
We all took a sip and then one guy wouldn't come up for air and frog holed the bottle.
by fingerhut December 08, 2013
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-noun. Santa Fe slang for a cigarette. a further permutation of the Mexican/Southwest "frajo".
"eeeeeeee Cedro, hook up a froghole!!"

"Ask Tarnage, he had 'em last."

"hey!! hey Tarn? where's the frogholes?"

"shit i dunno, Tay left 'em in the coche."

"Tay! where's the frogs?!"

"In your jacket, Yar!"

"ohhhhh....Hey Pedro! you got a lighter?"
by mo wiggles December 12, 2009
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