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A mutually agreed upon meetup between two individuals, in which one party believes the meetup is happening for the purpose of possibly leading to some kind of Romantic relationship and/or sex, while simultaneously the other party due to avoidable or unavoidable miscommunication believes the meetup is more akin to "hanging out." This kind of date is considered a "French" one because "hanging out" is usually what people from France mean when they say "go on a date." "French date" can also refer to two friends just "hanging out" alone. However, the definition is especially relevant when only one party believes it is a traditional date.
"Yo." Jonathan said. "How was your date with the hot French chick you met a few days ago?"
"It was a French date." I replied.

"You French kissed?" Jonathan asked.

"No." I replied "She doesn't speak English well and she thought I was asking her to 'just hang out' when I said 'wanna go on a date?' and she has no interest in having a relationship with anyone."
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by carpediem3541 October 13, 2017
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