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frap spackle is the resulting mess when a bowel movement contains solids with a consistency like spackle, propelled by large amounts of gas (that would be the "FRAP!" sound)- effectively coating the toilet bowl in a uniform layer of semi-solid poop.

invariably occurs when the toilet refuses to flush, or there is no toilet brush anywhere to be found. Think of the toilet scene in 'dumb and dumber'.

and this has only ever happened to me at my date's place, just before we were about to become romantic.

closely related to the dreaded diarrhea shart, where the underwear/wall/unfortunate person/or whatever is behind your behind gets hit by several gallons of high velocity liquid poop.

enjoy your lunch.
frap spackles occur within several hours of eating
- taco bell
- raunchy ronnie's rectum rockets (oh wait, that'd be a Mcpoop with extra sauce, wouldn't it?)
- too many buffalo wings and beer

looks remarkably like someone spackled the toilet bowl with refried beans
by roadkill pizza June 22, 2009
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