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Foxx missierek has a deep and meaningful meaning in the Maltese language, it is said that in 1809 A.C (After Christ) a Maltese boy named Pawlu asked his dying mother about his unknown father to what his dying mother responded "foxx missierek dak il liba" Fuck your fuck that semen.
The word has since transpired into a common phrase among friends and enemies, with the nature of the Maltese language allowing the creativity in its use, it has since become part of the tapestry that is the Maltese language.
A few examples:

Foxx missierek: Pronounced - fosch missi-ierek meaning fuck your father
Foxx il pufta missierek: Pronounced - Fosch il poofta missi-ierek meaning fuck your faggot father.
Foxx il hanzir missierek - Pronounced - Fosch il hanziyr missi-ierek meaning fuck your pig father.

Though not as famous as its original predecessor Foxx ommok (Fuck your mother) Foxx missierek (Fuck your dad) has left its imprint in the Maltese language appealing to the young and old alike.

Pawlu never found his father.
by Lingwa Fahxijja Maltijja August 08, 2015
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