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Foxwatch is a recent movement of spotting "foxes" or incredibly hot girls as you go about your daily life. The term can be used to describe a hot girl or as a codeword for whenever you are going out on the pull.
Example 1....
(hot girl walks past)
Guy in a group/the entire group (prefferably as loud as possible) : "FOXWATCH!!"

Example 2....
"Mate, that girl is foxwatch"

Example 3....
"Fancy going out on Operation Foxwatch tonight"

Example 4...
Whenever a bunch of animal anoraks stake out a den and record how many foxes come out. these are lowly men, who usually wear binoculars, have some sort of uni degree, live alone and most likely download way too much filth from the internet
by Joel Ormsby January 31, 2008
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