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the forrest hippo is not actually large. its about the size of a large dog, or smallio bear. they have the ability tomultiply, fart bombs, blow up toilets with out hassle, and bore parents to sleep. once they are bored and sleeping they wont wake for a week! its ok though, they wont die! forrest hippos are friends of forrest cows and are enemies of forrest llamas and forrest shrimp. they are usually found behind your couch, in your basement, under your bed (with the forrest cow) and in your attic. the forrest hippo are usually girls. they mate with forrest cows to make forrest monkeys! the only way you could get rid of a forrest hippo (if you wanted to) is to sparkle pixi dust on your shoes and dance in the shower to my humps!
persona 1: yeah
persona 2: my toilet blew up yesterday and when i called my parents they wont answere!
persona 1: dude i think you have a forrest hippo following you!
persona 2: dang!
by el-em-en-oh-que December 20, 2009
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