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An overall ass on a website called Discord. This user blasts very loud distorted music, mainly music containing racist music from Moon Man. If you find this user in your Discord server you probably should go ban him right away. Hes only seen on a Youtube users Discord called SynthesizeOg, he has also been found on a Developers Discord called "IcyTea". This user is extremely racist towards almost all races that are not of his. He may rarely post gore in some instances. His profile picture is of a bald male consisting of green eyes, long eye lashes and a wide smile. Don't let the smile misjudge you as he is not there to be a happy user.
"Foreign Flip Flop Hitter has joined OG Community discord, welcome!"
Foreign Flip Flop Hitter : I hate all mexicans, Too spicy!
Gustavo Gurrerez : I hate pussy fags like you who try to ruin my day.
Moderator : Foreign Flip Flop Hitter is a voltcock, Ban him!
"Foreign Flip Flop Hitter has left OG Community discord, bye bye!"
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by ROBLOXSNIPER6249 March 01, 2017
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