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this is how someone Gangsta would write "for real for real."

you can write it out like "for real/for real," "fah'real/fah'real" or "fah-r'il/fah-r'il," "fo` R'il/fo` R'il," etc. ... but, it's important to have that Forward Slash in between the '{real}' and the 'for.'

(my personal preference lay with ``for R'il/for R'il,´´ in case you didn't know That.)

at any rate, you use This Term when you want to make it known, to whoever is listening/reading, that your 'For Realness' Factor is double- or triple-strength.
ex. (a):

Person 1: "for real/for real/for real, i'm pretty hungry, right now.. ..i sure could go for some of that Southern Apple Cinnamon Cobbler....."

Person 2: "for real/for real?"

Person 1: "fah-rillah/fah-rillah, muh|fucka; when yo` mom gonna make some more?"

Person 2: "Lemme go ask her." ............. "She says, 'i'll get right on that when yo` ass goes out to The Sto` an` go buy me som'mo` shit to cook wit`'. .)_.)"

Person 1: ":-). I see that your mom Got Jokes, today -- That's why i love Her."

ex. (b): "for R'il/for R'il, this Cold'n'Flu Season is seriously going to be a Debbie Downer on my Social Life. :-(."
by ***Rock|Rock*** May 18, 2006
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