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1. a black term made up by a dumbass cracka.

2. it means to give up on a poker hand when you fucking suck.

3. It is also used at random times inappropriately by faggots.

4. It can also be used when referring to backing out of, a lets just homo relationship. Aka very prude!

5. It is often said by African Americans while they fold pussy flaps.

6. A less often used way is when faggots say fold that shit and they only refer to number 2.
1. Luke had a douce(not douche) and a queen. FOLD DAT SHAT!
2. My girlfriend is so damn prude. Mccracka-FOLD DAT SHAT!
3. Black guy- yo mayne i just got sum whore. Other negro- FOLD DAT SHAT!
4.Fag-i love rabbits. other fag-dude u should so totally FOLD DAT SHAT!
by braveslovamotha March 05, 2010
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