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People who drive former police cars.
-Modern day citizens with spotlights.

-Most drive their cars with their seats pushed back to the center of the vehicle (where the front and back doors meet), so it is very unlikely to ever look a foe po in the face.

-These cars most likely have tinted the windows past the legal limit.

-People with these cars also tend to like systems/subs.
-These people will be found constantly sticking things between metal parts of the vehicle in attempt to lessen the metal sounding vibrations due to this system.

-These people are known to walk with a "gangsta lean."

-Evidence of a foe po = non government plates
-Also referred to as "Freudian Politia."
I went the speed limit for over 10 miles on the interstate, only to find out I was following a foe po.
by 2k3t February 22, 2010
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