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One who will, without hesitation, willingly have sex with a woman on her period.
Last night that time of the month started for my girl but you know that didn't stop me.

-Dude your such a flow rider.
by Dick Brackner April 03, 2008
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Flowrider - a so called "new generation wave generator," where riders are able to "stimulate" riding a wave, but fails miserably from the whole purpose of being at the beach and surfing. It's also a big marketing that will force many rich, fat, posers to claim they know how to surf, when undoubtly "Flowriders" will give the term Gook (surf poser) a whole new meaning. Flowriders are popping up everywhere, like San Diego's WaveHouse. Save your money, don't fall for this BS, I rode it, and it wasn't all that great, it's just a get rich scheme by a Republican non-surfer industry company, who is not an environmentalist, and also likes the idea of wasting thousands gallons of water.
Gook 1: Surfs up! Did you see me carving off of that the wave?
Gook 2: Like oh my god, that was narly! I hanged 10 and did a cutback like pro surfer Rob Mochado, I'm so cool.
Man: You posers, that was only a flowrider, and I can't believe you paid $20 for a 5 minute session.
by Who is Mike Jones? Mike Jones! October 09, 2005
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guy who has sexual relations with a woman during their period
the flowrider destroyed his sheets after having sex woth her
by stones October 09, 2007
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