1. swimming in the pool instead of taking a shower and considering this bathing
2. used as an excuse for not taking a bath/shower, because you had a chlorinated water encounter in the last 24 hours
Husband: "Honey, do we need to give the kids a bath tonight?"
Wife: "No, they had a Florida bath today at the neighborhood pool."
by Kevin Haas January 8, 2008
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Plugging up someone's arsehole with both your feet, giving them a gentle thrust and spreading just before yanking them out, pulling all the juice and shit out to cover your feet whilst trying to hold back the contents of a potentially prolapsed anus with your toes.
The cost of living crisis was so bad this year that nobody bought me socks for Christmas - so I had to convince the Mrs to do a Florida Foot Bath
by CoxfordEnglish December 18, 2022
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