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A girl who looks kind of sexy at first, but she's actually dirty/you're not sure where she's been.
That Ke$ha is nothing but floor candy.
by cooliganPIB April 29, 2010
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a.misc. indulgences either found or left behind by yourself or others.

b. a musician and sometimes group as of 2006
a. "i think left some floorcandy in your bathroom, have fun but be careful."
b. "those strippers are dancing to FLOORCANDY in there!"
by j. shields January 15, 2007
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The term originated by a night crew worker for a local grocery store, in which all food product, usually candy around the bulk bin section, was considered approved to eat without being considered stealing from the company after it had touched the floor, as it was unsanitary for customers and would be thrown away otherwise.

The term now applies to any item of food, not just candy, that has touched the ground, but the dropee feels is still worthy of eating regardless.
*Action* Ted drops a potato chip on the floor.
Bill: "Floor candy!"
*Action* Bill picks it up and eats it.
by Mr. Glub Glub October 20, 2005
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