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Being pulled over; interrogation by a cop; unexpected rear view flashing lights; irrational ticket violation.

•If you are driving and a cop pulls you over for nothing out of the ordinary.

•If a cop gives an irrational reason for pulling you over; such as:
- "I didn't see your seatbelt."
- "You didn't use your blinker before turning."
- "You were just about 5mph over the speed limit."
- "I noticed you turned a little too fast around that corner."
• I was on my way home before I was pulled over to flirt with a cop.
• Just flirted with a cop trying to drive to work.
• I didn't expect to be flirting with a cop for not fully stopping at a stop sign.
• Just flirted with a cop for not using my blinker! But he thankfully gave me a warning for such a minor mistake.
by LeviathinDefinerOfTheDeep July 27, 2017
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