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The word is flaqualate. This word has been very useful to a number of people in describing a feeling, and an action.
A woman walked outside to sit by the grass. There she found a bird on the ground who flapped and struggled and stressed and could not improve her condition. She could not re compose herself or fly. The woman was concerned and took the bird to a vet and asked for help. The next day she told me the story of this bird and tried to describe the (ascribed) feelings and real actions of this little bird. She created this new word.
I flaqualate over my mortgage payment being due. I don't have enough money.
Someone will flaqualate because his ex wife is yelling about the kids.
The boss is a pain and he will cause the entire department to flaqualate ( be unable to take action)
I had a flaqualtory response to that movie, It was a real psychological thriller.
My flaqualations went on for hours, but finally I no longer felt so crazy.
Even though the judge said it was okay, I found myself flaqualating for a while.
The neighbors began to flaqualate over my barking dog, so they called the cops to try and make me flaqualate too. Didn't work. I don't care.
by RobinR99 July 12, 2005
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