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The act of jumping up and down and making your ball sack slap against yourself.
"I remeber in like 6th grade Wilcox did a flapper jack!"
by Brandaminator January 30, 2007
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An old or older woman who has lost her good looks or is fat, chunky, has a big butt and/or sagging breasts.
"Wow, now that I got a closer look, she's not a "Skipperjack", she's a "Flapperjack", wow, maybe even a "Lumberjack!". "Well, I went on the date and found out she's a "Flapperjack!".

female woman Skipperjack old fat ugly big booty
by Poonie Pie October 14, 2011
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A really really hott and yummy pancake, also a name for a strangly attractive freshman.
"Hey guys, look! Flapperjack"
"Wow, he's totally hot"
"Did you just say that about a freshman"
"Yeah, I like all men"
by Isabel F December 09, 2006
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