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The term where objects of symbolism tell about certain people; what they are, what they have, where they belong, and what they do. Usually there are only six main colors used. Three of them are well known. Blue means that you are a crip. This flag is worn on the left side of the person mainly. Red means you are a blood. This flag is worn on the right side of wearer. White can mean that you are part of MS-13, a latino gang. Green means that you are a drug dealer. If the person is wearing it, it usually means they have products availible for sale. Purple is worn to represent that someone is a pimp. When it comes to common use on the right side it means ladies availible. On the left ladies out working. Pink has been known to be worn on the pimped girls. On the neck, wrist, or ankle it means "service availible" mainly anywhere else it means busy or with someone right now. The main way of identification of either of these is the representation of a bandana.
They are in the flagging business.
by iknowwuthappens November 12, 2006
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