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a fistin piston is a very delicate process that can be done on any girl who is down for some serious pain and pleasure. there are two different ways of going about the fistin piston.

1: having a girl lay in front of you, while fisting her sideways sloppy joe with an in and out motion with both hands, similar to the pistons in a motor. this motion is incredibly similar to throwing bows

2: the second process, ironically called number two is similar to process one although the fisting is done with one hand going in the slimy hatchet wound, and one hand going in the baloon knot. aka: {5 in the pink 5 in the stink
it was bad enough danielle's mom walked in on us, i was giving her a fistin piston, there was bloood on the walls and everything. i felt bad so i helped her find the random pieces of sloppy sausage wallet that were strewn across the rug.
by ed harris September 18, 2005
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