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Music which originally inspired the listener to fight; now as fighting becomes less commonplace for the settling of disputes, fightcore may provide motivation for 'hardcore dancing' or other physical activities. Typically consists of fast opening riffs, abundant amounts of double bass, and heavy but simple breakdowns.

Fightcore is exemplified in bands such as and similar to Chimaira, Emmure, Between The Buried And Me, Bury Your Dead, etc.

Listeners of fightcore are NOT mosh warriors, hXc faux-toughguys, brootal kids, or any similar pussyfaced show-goer. They DON't major in writing, art, or queer-studies.

Fightcore isn't a way of life or a trend, but simply a term coined to describe the way a band makes you feel and want to act.
hXc toughguy: D00d I'll beat your ass if you look at my wall-flower tramp of a girlfriend again

(The crowd starts to chant; "BURY YOUR FUCKING DEAD")

fightcore kid: Says nothing and with one single blow the hXc toughguy is knocked the FUCK out.
by B3A5T March 05, 2009
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