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"Forfeit Faggot". In RocketLeague (RL), when people message ff it means they are asking you to forfeit.

"fffgt", however, is what you call a person who forfeits seconds into the game, or when down by one point with plenty of time left. "Forfeit faggots" are usually motherless trolls who can't stand the thought of being behind, and don't trust their own skills enough to be able to help score not one but TWO whole goals to pull ahead of the other team.

Forfeit faggots will sometimes grow up and finish the game (they are still FFFGTs, though) but often will go afk to "punish" their teammates who don't join them in their faggotry, or they will abandon the game, which often gives the remaining players the best opportunity to actually with the game, because they don't have to keep covering for the retard who's not sure he can compete with the big dogs.
{Other team scores a point on the first kickoff}
{The forfeit vote button comes up in your dialogue, indicating someone on your team has voted to forfeit}
Who's the fffgt? KYS, or at least leave the match and let us big dawgs play.
{crying heard in the background as fffgt realizes he has no friends, no skill, and even the virtual world has shunned him}
by CryptoKnight January 19, 2018
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