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The opposite of a lead foot. Someone who takes forever to get up to speed, or is a slow driver.
"Man, I almost got hit making that left turn. Some feather foot got me stuck in the middle of the intersection."

"I caught every red light on my way over here. Some people are just feather feet."
by [zack] May 13, 2010
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The opposite of lead foot.

A condition that afflicts people who have recently purchased hybrids. In an effort to get the best possible gas mileage, they learn to control the gas/battery engines with very light application of the gas pedal.
My husband is annoying the hell out of me. He's trying for an average of over 50mpg on his Camry Hybrid so he drives the speed limit and has a total featherfoot now. He used to have a total lead foot, and this is driving me nuts!
by swim lisa May 13, 2010
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