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A person(usually male) who doesnt really gives a fuck to this so-called civilized society and stamps his authority no matter wheresoever..
He'll poke his nose ferociously without being bothered by the presence of fellow commuters around,he'll pull and rip apart the USB cables when we normal beings are supposed to handle them with utmost care..
His house is always a mess courtesy the unabated aggression he brings into even in the microscopic of chores..
Broken door handles,unaligned fridge doors,ripped cushions and damaged computer accessories make their signature style.
A typical 'fb' is usually a lazy jerk,cleverly disguised as an asshole..
Girl:Where's john boo?
Boy:Dunno,just heard that the moron used his father's paypal account to subscribe some porn!
Girl:eww!he's such a fearless bastard!
by prash007 April 19, 2011
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An internet meme that started out on Facebook. It's an expression used when someone does something that's either really daring, or not daring at all but is just something people sometimes don't do because they are courteous to others.
-The man walked through the everglades because he's a fearless bastard.
-I crossed the road without looking because I'm a fearless bastard.

{Not really daring}
-I ate the last piece of cake because I'm a fearless bastard.
-I learned how to ride a bike without training wheels because I'm a fearless bastard.
-I wrote 199 words on a 200 word essay because I'm a fearless bastard.
by BagelBoy August 07, 2011
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