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They are people that have no life whatsoever they stay in their parents basements 24/7 watch anime or hentai and masturbate to it. Yes we all know a fat virgin anime loser in our lives someone who can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality so if you tell them that anime is not real they have a heart attack because to them anime is life anime is church anime is God . They never take baths or showers and they only adventure outside their parents basements when there is a anime convention in town where they get to meet other fat virgin anime losers just like them they swap anime and talk about what characters they want to have a relationships with or have sex with. Sometimes fat virgin anime losers meet online and swap anime porn aka hentai to each other some of them even swap and share anime child-porn to each other called lolicon in there eyes if a Japanese person draws a picture of a 5 year old girl or boy getting raped its the best thing on the internet nothing wrong with it at all, but if someone who is not Japanese like a American or European drew the exact same thing then they think its child-porn and its sick and disgusting because its not anime they don't want to be classified as a pedophile but they are pedophiles in denial so they make up excuses. Most of them are racist and hate any other race that's not Japanese so if a African American or Indian likes anime and dose cosplay all the fat virgin anime losers hate it and go nuts
John: my friend has never had a girlfriend or had sex in his life

Scott: does he like Anime ?

John: yes

Scott: his a fat virgin anime loser
by iknoweverything33 August 23, 2016
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