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A rapper known for huge SoundCloud hits such as "Caluiflower" (a song about one of his tall bitch ass classmates Dan Ray Schmidt) or "My Shawty", a loving tribute to love songs of days past. He may seem like a skinny white kid from j town but once u get to know him u find out that he's surprisingly hood and has received multiple n word passes. Don't mess w him or he'll leave u in the dust just like fellow j town rapper "gizmo", which he utterly destroyed on his 2015 smash hit "8 ball". Also commonly referred to as "Fatty C". Has commonly collaborated with fellow rappers "Sea Snake" and "BELAC", as well as the local producing talent known as "Dollah P". Check out his SoundCloud @FaTCØCØ he has more bangers on the way soon.
Person A: have you heard that new Fat Coco Heat "Feelings"

Person B: not yet brotha but I will when I get home from work

Person A: please do! Sea Snake's verse is fire!
by chainsyclebutthair March 25, 2017
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