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When you have a particularly bad case of the beer shits, and you keep thinking you have to crap, but all that comes out is a turd the size of a cork and a gallon of air. You go through the day not being able to trust your anus, feeling like you need to fart, but fearing you might chuck the plug.
"How's your hangover?" "Not good. My headache is gone, but I keep dealing with a series of fart plugs.". "Lovely". "Yeah, the fifth one I shot out was under so much pressure I nearly cracked the toilet."
by H. Bobs June 07, 2007
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uhhh a plug for your butthole when you wanna fart so you dont make other ppl sit in your stink.
hey i gotta fart.

oh here. i have a fartplug to plug your fart:D:D
by Emilypizza February 07, 2008
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Verb. Employing extreme effort to keep a fart from being released in inopportune situations such as first dates.
My date with that hottie I went on the other night was awful. I was fartplugging for 30 minutes when I was driving her home. When she finally got out of the car, my ass exploded.
by Onthefence November 16, 2008
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